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About us

DarkFox Media isn’t the typical marketing company. We focus on two of the most critical levers for your success: your brand promise and why/how customers make decisions about that promise.

We’ll help you get above the noise and get ahead of your competition. How? Whether you realize it or not, with every interaction your company is creating an experience and communicating a promise of some kind to your customer. That experienced promise is why they buy from you and not the other guy. But it’s easy to lose sight (and control) of exactly what your promise is.

At the core, your DarkFox team leverages marketing as a critical tool to help you (re)identify your customer value proposition, craft it into a brand promise that you can define, and then distribute that promise throughout your organization and to the world.  Our approach to everything marketing (web development, digital, social media, graphic design, content) starts and ends with one thing: ensuring we’re best communicating your value to your customers in the most impactful and powerful way. So that your business grows. We work intelligently to understand you, your industry, and your customers. This allow us to leverage psychological and neurological principals that impact customer behavior in the short and the long-term. Our focus on understanding why people make decisions and helping to influence those decisions, allows us to ensure that when we communicate  Our approach is what makes us different. Our experience is your perfect tool to ensure greater growth and profitability.  Setup an exploratory call now or check out some of the solutions we provide.